Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is my Uncle Gerald.

As a child.... I remembered him to be a quiet man who was devoted to baseball, his family and church.
As an adult... I knew him to be funny with a sharp dry humor. He loved to garden and we found something in common to discuss when the hubband built us two boxes. Gerald was a good listener and he raised two amazing kids. He didn't do it alone-he was smart early on and married a beautiful, gracious and hard working woman-my aunt Barbara. My heart breaks for her as I know that none of us wants to lose our partner.
We traveled to Granbury late Friday and returned Saturday. I had lots of time to think about Gerald, family and make some commitments. When you listen to a eulogy, you learn a lot about a person. Gerald served as a missionary and was active in church life his entire life. I was so impressed by the ways he had touched peoples lives. I walked away wanting to really appreciate our loved ones each day and to be the kind of neighbor, employee and citizen that would represent the faith I hold so dear.
If they garden in heaven, Gerald, please have some pickled beets ready for me when the time comes. I love you-I should have said it more often.

PS Sheri-I installed the new printer and this was scanned using it! I want to get some photo paper and try that out as well. I hooked up the wireless component all by myself!!

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