Sunday, January 15, 2012

Loved this snippet from Simple Mom:
On setting goals for 2012-
"I believe God wants us to enjoy Him fully in the life He’s given us, which means that by addressing the practical, we’re freer to delight in His gifts. We can better hike wooded trails when we’re in reasonably good health—our bodies allow us to experience His creation, in other words.
But practical goals should never be the measuring stick that determines our worth. Not exercising three times per week does not make me a horrible person—it makes me a human being. It’s a good goal because it addresses the stewardship of my body, but God adores me regardless of my earthly accomplishments.
Keep this in mind as you make New Year’s resolutions. Keep them focused on making yourself more available to God’s presence, not on becoming perfect. It won’t happen."

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