Friday, December 30, 2011

One little word

Each year ala Ali Edwards, I pick a word to represent what I will seek and strive to be or accomplish. Last year I had three: Fun, Fit and Faith. I think I did ok on the Fun-the fit and faith while not decreasing, did not rise as I would have liked. Oh well, 2012 is a new year.
So, I had to think about that to have as my one little word for this year. I didn't want to just pick something that meant "get skinny" cause lets face it, that would be the word for everyone (girl). I had to explain the phrase "you can never be too rich or too thin" to the boy yesterday-boys-sheesh-must be nice to live life just worried about how much fun can be had and how much cheese to add to each dish!!

So, here is my one little word:

What does it mean? Well to me it will mean.....
  • Honor my Heavenly Father by acting and speaking in a manner that represents all that he meant for me to be.
  • Honor myself by eating those things that best support my body's job and not things that give me temporary pleasure. This will mean honoring myself to carve out time to prepare food-this is huge as it sometimes means that I spend my life in the kitchen in order for this to happen.
  • Honor myself by moving my body as much as possible. I will have to carve out time to go to the gym or just play outside with the boy. This is hard because it is so much easier to lay around but it is the junk food of time spending.
  • Honor my family by having a positive attitude and open mind. Both of my boys are so precious to me and so fun, smart and brave. I want to be a good mom and wife.

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cstoler said...

Love your word and how you set it up for yourself.
You look great and inspire me so to get back to what I know works and to feeling better. We need to carve some time for us as well. How about a day in Feb? LOL That is how my life is shaping up.