Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hi blogger readers. It has been far, far too long. We spent Thanksgiving at mom and dad's new place in Conroe. I think it was by far the best Thanksgiving I can remember.

Lots of silliness and getting spoiled by Mimi.

A full dinner table with smoked turkey, honey baked ham, sweet potato casserole... the list goes on and on. My mom and I argue every year about the amount of mashed potatoes we need (I always want more as I don't allow myself potatoes throughout the year). My cousin joined us and brought her famous broccoli rice cheese casserole-I could not get enough of that stuff-it was like green and yellow crack!!

The young cousins all had fun. The boy gets a very special giggle when his cousins are around.

We had panini making night and then make your own pizza and movie night.
Some enjoyed it more than others!

My sweet Dad-he hates taking pictures but I had to get one with him!

I work with teenagers each day. They all think their parents are a pain and fools. I remember thinking this also. I now know how incredible mine are. I love you guys!!

 My sis and her hubband. They are always up for fun and an occasional prank.

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Wilma said...

Thanks for posting, I love to read your post. Love, Mom