Sunday, August 21, 2011

Night before school starts....
I haven't been blogging much. It wasn't a conscious choice-it just seems that someone pushed the fast forward button once summer began. It all started with our once in a lifetime trip to the Mediterranean for just the two adults in our house. These are the photos that are still to be scrapbooked. Once back we quickly took two trips-one to Wimberly with our baseball crew (Wolfpack) and then onto Horseshoe Bay with the hubbands work crew. When all the bags were unpacked we got back to work but then the boy took another trip with his grands to Kemah.

So what is up now? They boy is beginning football. It is tackle this time and he is loving it. Try outs were Saturday and we will get his team assignment Tuesday. He is beginning third grade and I am starting year two at my new campus. The preparing seems to be so stressful and overwhelming, I am going to enjoy getting into the groove of schools everyday rhythm.
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