Friday, January 7, 2011


Love, love, love me some Ali Edwards. Each year she reminds us to reflect on the year prior and to choose a word for the coming year. After a delish dinner/happy hour with the kind of friend you can see every week or once a year and love her the same-hi Carol!, I chose my word.....

FUN it is my friends. I know, I know it is so basic, so short, so primary. Raise your hand if more fun and less stress sounds like something you might be into. Alrighty then! So, the first step for me is to work on my vision board. I try to put on things that I want to bring or bring more of into my life. It hangs on the wall next to my bed and I look at it before I go to sleep each night. In thinking about my one little word I realized that more of a good thing is always better so I threw rule following to the wind and in reality have three words.

FIT-hellooo, who does NOT want to be more fit?? Fit for me encompasses all kinds of healthy. Mental, emotional....the list goes on. As I went through the process of going through magazines to get images to reflect my vision, this word gathered more images and words than others. What does that say I ask you??
Faith was also for sure there as I want to strengthen my DAILY relationship with the divine. The scripture that can to mind as I placed this one image down was "be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10 I think as time passes, I will add scriptures and spiritual thoughts and this will be a great place to collect them.

So what is FUN??
This is my favorite picture from the holidays. The boy drinking from his straw glasses. Huge hit and so cute. Spending time with my son is FUN!
I had the opportunity to do some perfume and cosmetics foraging at SAKS over the break. Here we are at the height of major makeupdom at the Bobbie Brown area. We look dooood. Makeup is FUN!

What else is fun???
  • Going to church each week
  • Making myself a lunch each night in preparation for the next day
  • Planning what I am going to wear the next day when I get home in the evening
  • Un rushed and tender kisses just before bed each night
  • Staying up late on Friday knowing you can sleep in on Saturday morning
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thejuneleyen said...

I've never picked a word for the year before, but I've been feeling it on my heart this year to decide that the word "FOCUS" is my word for 2011. Miss ya bunches...