Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One thing is certain...

This is from Fathers Day 2010. We took the hubband and his Dad to the newly reopened Brennans. It was deelish!
They say the one thing you can count on is change.
I have lots of change in my life of late.
I have a new job. So sad to say goodbye and so excited for the new adventure ahead.
I have recently had some elective surgery which is going to help me create and maintain a healthy body.
I have recently acquired 2 blood clots in my leg which is frightening but will get through it and am learning new things about my body and continuing my journey in patience.
I am looking forward to July which is going to be dedicated to spending time with a boy is growing WAY too fast.
Have ga reat week!
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June (a.k.a. "Junebug", Junie June", "Junabell"... said...

you look so great. i enjoyed out talk yesterday and i'll be checking on you soon. much love and prayers are going out for you. stay strong. love ya, j

cstoler said...

Sure sounds like you have lots going on. We are so busy and so full of big changes it seems. We need to catch up soon.