Saturday, December 5, 2009

PW in H-town and bad blogger2

My mom mentioned she would like to go and meet the Pioneer Woman at her signing here in Houston. With a few touches on my iPhone, the plans were set. We met in Georgia's market w-a-y early and secured our cookbooks, seats and places in line. There was a huge crowd, cold air and wonderful Willow Books staff members. I had a great time with my mom and dad and loved seeing Ree in person. Her cookbook makes you want to cook. She is as warm and accessible as her blog portrays.
I reflected as we had time to wait... what a wonder blogging is, how my sons son or daughter will probably have some type of history lesson that will discuss the creation of blogs and the effect they will have on us. I thought about how this must be difficult for Ree on many levels, away from home (she is a homebody), I don't think she is the kind of person who seeks lots of crowds and people in her normal life-if blogging is her comfort zone that tells you she is a bit of an introvert.
After leaving, went home and cooked- in honor of PW, mom and a hankering for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies-they were good!
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Wilma said...

Thanks for the pictures, we had a good time,.Love, Mom

The Mom said...

You have a beautiful blog! Hello to another H-Town blogger!

.:Anna:. said...

Its mind boggling how big blogging is getting, isn't it?

I was there too, with my sister (The Mom)

Cute blog!

Junie June said...

You look great and I loved seeing you in a picture with you Mom. Cherish the moments. Miss you and Happy New Year my dear friend. Love, June