Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a week and weekend!

This has been quite a week. We started a new way of eating here at our house. It was a bit stressful as we all came off our food addictions and I spent way too much time chopping, cooking and cleaning this week. The result? We all sit to eat together (MAJOR accomplishment!) and we have all lost some weight.
The week ended with a surprise birthday party for the boy out in Conroe at Main Event. It was in the midst of the torrential rains we had but they did nothing to keep us from enjoying the evening. The Austins joined us and both grandparents as well. Mr. 8 received an IPod, a Wii, money for game purchases, a DS game and a racquetball racket. Our guests enjoyed pizza and home made cupcakes.
On Saturday we were able to witness in June's and David's wedding. It was a spiritual and joyful event. I kept thinking about her mother and how she must surely be with us on this day. We indulged in some wedding cake and YUM it was scrumptious!
This is a shot of the hubband at the wedding. He looked so handsome. I rarely get to pick out an entire outfit and insist it is worn but, this time I did and I did. He liked it and loved having new clothes-he almost never gets any for himself.
This is me. Not the best shot ever but that was me on Saturday. I wore a dress that barely fit almost 5 years ago when we had the groundbreaking at my school. It is almost loose now. Nice.
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Wilma said...

Chele, you both look good, I could tell you had lost weight. Now we need to buy even smaller jeans.ha great Enjoyed keeping PJ. Love Mom

June said...

Thank you so much for being there it was a wonderful day. Yes, Mom was there wasn't she. Love, Love June