Thursday, October 29, 2009

Has it really been that long???

When I don't write it is because I am SUPER busy. I think of many things to say but just don't sit down to write. To catch up:
We celebrated our 14th anniversary on the 12th. We celebrated the hubband turning 44 on the 27th and today, we celebrate the boy turning 8. I was able to make and take cupcakes to his school. Tonight we are having a surprise birthday party for him! I am so excited to have him experience the fun, the surprise and the great gifts!
Mimi and Paw paw will take the birthday boy home and the next day the hubband and I are headed to San Antonio for David and June's wedding. Hooray! So nice to get away and celebrate the union of such wonderful people and friends.
Off to another adventure-LATER

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