Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yesterday we went to the conference. It was very inspiring. We picked up the girls in the afternoon and ate at the famous Pinks Hotdogs. I went against the grain and had a tamale (hot dogs are not my friend) We did a bit of shopping on Rodeo and Melrose. We hit stores like Kitson, Marc Jacobs, etc...For dinner we went to Ketchup-a restaurant owned by Ashton Kutcher. The decor idea was cute but the food and run-down condition was disappointing. I was so tired, I had not slept well the night before-I crashed.

We woke up early and went for a de-lish breakfast at BLD (breakfast, lunch, dinner). We were thoroughly enjoying the dishes when I spotted Ross from Friends (David Schwimmer). We tried multiple times to take his photo but he had a group of friends who would move to block us.

I ended up having a major appointment with my pillow and the other girls went to take a tour of the city. After the class sessions, I met back up with the girls and they were teasing me and telling me they saw Brad Pitt-I knew it was SO not true but they had photos. As they were showing me I could tell they knew they had met someone special be they truly had NO idea who he was. He was...
Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) from Greys Anatomy. When I explained who he was I heard teenage screams like I have never heard before. The texting and calling were incredible as they shared the news of the celeb-they-met-but-had-no-idea-who-he-was!
We got ready and then went to a delicious Italian dinner at Vincenti in Brentwood-delicious gnocchi and I had osso buco and risotto. Yummers. We tried to see the Playboy mansion but it was all locked up tight-and it was too dark so we had to give up.
Tomorrow is our last day. We are going to the sessions and then driving to Huntington to see my friend Darcy. Can't wait!!

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Darcy said...

Mechiel...Loved seeing you during your trip out here! Thanks for making time in your schedule to come visit. Next time, it can't be so many years that go by before we get together for vacation time again!