Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Kindnesses

Sometimes I think I must be one of the most blessed people on this Earth. I have been fortunate to have some of the best friends around. Not only do I have great girlfriends but I have also inherited some outstanding husbands of great friends! Two examples: I have had a running to-do list this summer, running in my mind. I am proud to say that many of the things have been accomplished-some that I thought were near impossible. I was telling my friend Nat that I wanted some glass knobs for these black boxes at the end of my crop table-the next thing I know she has found them, purchased them and they are the perfect color!! Testing my luck, I gather up all of the boxes AND a canvas project I have not completed and dropped over to her house. Her sweet and oh so handy hubbie Robert drills all of the holes-at 11 pm no less! I leave the canvases with him and ask him to come up with a way to put them all together tightly. I tell him not to hurry-I have been lolly gagging for almost 5 years to complete this project-I am obviously not in a hurry! The NEXT DAY he calls to tell me it is ready! I cannot tell you how great of a job he did-amazing. I painted the back wood last night and today I tried to hang it up. I tried so hard I broke the hanger Robert gave me! When I get back into town, I will fix it-but till then-here is a sneak peak!

My final example is Jon. He is no longer with us and honestly when he was here with us I said hello and bye and sometimes on the phone, "Can I talk to Jen?" but he and I did not have lengthy conversations-he was simply the husband of one of my besties-Jenn. I get hungry to see her like I get hungry to eat Mexican food at least once a week. I can only go so long before I trek out to Lake Jackson (stop off for my fried zucchini at Smithhearts-priorities!) It is always shocking and surprising to me how I immediately miss Jon when I see Jen. Pretty much Jon was who made inappropriate jokes with the hubband and watched teen TV with the hubband (Jacka##, etc..) and many many times we left those two with 2-3 kiddos while we went off for some adventure-I am just always struck by how much I miss him. I am grateful for all the joy he brought to Jenn and I am grateful for the gorgeous, funny, delightful children they made. We miss you crazy boy!
On a final and funny note, the boy asked me this weekend on one of our many trips in the car this weekend. "Mom, when is Peter Pan and the Half Blood Prince coming out?" The boy is not a Harry Potter fan-that is to come but he is hanging this summer at sports camp with a multi-age crowd and I know Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has been a topic of conversation!
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Chris said...

It is such a comfort to know that we are not the only ones who miss Jon. He's the best! Thanks for the reminder and for always being there for the Jenner.

Junie June said...

What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. I've been fortunate to experience similar men in my life over these past 42 years of singleness. I'm sure it will only continue in my upcoming married years. I am glad to know I will soon have a husband to share. Miss you bunches.

Jen said...

I love how your project turned out. I've been very jealous about those canvases and will of course want one for my house.

Very sweet post about your friends, and of course, my Jonboy.

p0oo said...

Im glad you are Jen's friend!