Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lovely lovely

Back from the most wonderful trip to the big "D" and I do mean Dallas! My mom went along with me as I attended a training. The training was great, the restaurants we tried were yummy and the shopping we squeezed in was very successful! I got three suits/business dresses for 100. That is good ladies!!
Today, I took the day off and met the handy man. LOVE the handy man. I have two new lights in the hallway where Sydney lays, my freezer was lowered to hopefully fix my ice problem, my cabinets actually close and hang correctly, my ceiling fan remote now works, my shower door opens and closes and we went over a future list of items. He is AMAZING and affordable. So nice to find one.
Tomorrow, back to work. A full day and the the staycation with my hubby. So sweet! Photos to come!!

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cstoler said...

I so love my handyman. Only problem is he lives in Dallas. May have to borrow your guy sometime. LOL

Have a great weekend.