Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busy Bee

This weekend and last have been so busy and so fun-hard to take a breath!
This weekend we had a rehearsal dinner and wedding rehearsal that had us home at 10. Friday we found that my workplace had been broken into and that made for a filled day of repairs and calming fears. Friday night there was a wedding. The boy was a ring "burrier" (bearer) and he did a great job! At 11:00 pm we piled into the car and found we had a flat tire. We arrived home around 12:30. This morning, a birthday party. Miss Madeleine turned three and she had a pool party. I thought I was tired but when I asked the time and discovered it was 7:30 pm, I just knew it was time to go home!
Last weekend, we had just as busy as a time. I was able to scrap with my dear friend Nat, Friday the air went out and I spent most of the day waiting for the repairman and the cold air. Sunday we set bombs for the ticks that have returned and then went grocery shopping. The fumes were so strong we had to go out to eat and give it time to dissipate.
Whew! These are our weekends and the weeks are just as busy. I have been getting shots in my knees each week to give them cushion. We are also repairing small things in our home. Getting these two projects fit in between work has made things hectic.
I know everyone feels busy-I am trying to learn to savor the weekends in which we don't have any plans and also enjoy the warm weather!

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cstoler said...

There is just never enough time in a weekend day.