Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial weekend 09

You don't know how exciting this photo is to me. My sweetie planted a small barrel just outside our home with tomatoes and squash. They flourished but we lack gutters on our home and with each rain the little plants just got hammered. I had two big tomatoes that died on the vine. You never think about gutters until you don't have any. We are saving for them. I digress... anywhoo-this little babe showed up and was green for the longest. I just noticed she has begun to blush-go little tomato-you can do it!!
Memorial weekend was spent on crawfish boil and baseball. The hubband held his first boil; practicing for the one he is throwing next weekend for the boy's baseball team. They sure were good bugs!
Here is the boy and his aunt Gigi. He sure does love her. They had lost of fun here and at the grandparents.
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