Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is what minor knee surgery looks like:

Not very pretty but that was on Monday and the surgery was on Friday. The bandages are now off and I have just two small "boo-boos" on my knee. Some days are better than others. Last night I was exhausted and couldn't get into bed fast enough. Today I feel achy but I think that is the rain's fault.
Two sweet things.... Yesterday the boy and I were blessing our dinner. I said the words and he repeated. At the end he said "Mom can I add something?" I said "of course!" He bowed his head and said "Heavenly Father, please bless moms knee that it will heal quickly" I could barely choke down my dinner as this was just too sweet. Then again at bedtime I was tucking him in and he said, "when you leave mom I am going to pray for your knee" I just thought it was so kind. He also paid our dinner tip with the last of cash he had earlier this week-I don't know if he has been visited by an angel or something but he has be extraordinarily sweet this week. I know it may not last so I am enjoying it while it does.
Work is super busy and I haven't had much down time. I hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend.

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cstoler said...

I hope you feel better than it looks today.

Yup enjoy the boy. I think they get scared when they see that parents are really not super hero but people. How wonderful he is concerned. Shows you are doing something right and that is always a nice thing.