Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gratitude and reflection

Hi all
Day three of the great knee adventure. Day one was a breeze and it didn't occur to me that my knee was numb as I proudly kept saying "no big deal" and walking around like a fool. Day 2 was a killah-I should have taken more pain killers and used more ice (yes I hear you Jenn!). She was right-I didn't want to miss out on anything. Today, I am determined, will be better. I think it is less sore. The boys will be back today. I keep thinking about the unloading of the camping/fishing stuff and the laundry, groceries, etc.... The hubband is going to have a LOT on his plate!
My mom has been here baby sitting and I am so grateful for her helpful spirit and willingness to still baby us. We have had a steady stream of friends who brought food. That is so nice! Mom made a shrimp chowder. Jenn brought over white bean chili, her famous lemon cake and some dip n chip. Yummers!! Late last night, Natalie came with Cajun food from a restaurant we used to go to when I lived near her. Seeing her little one was therapy in itself! When you are couch ridden, friends are nice-it helps pass the time.
I am also grateful for everyone who said, "let me know if you need anything"-I know they meant it-so grateful for friends and family.
On Friday, we went to a huge food facility for our school district. My grandmother was a cafeteria lady briefly when I was very young. She lived in a VERY rural part of Oklahoma and I remember the pride she had in her home cooking and then, her cooking for all of the kids at school. I took a couple of shots of the huge plant we saw-it brought back memories. I wish I had a photo of her in her cafeteria to contrast-we used to have one somewhere.
Everyone have a great week!

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cstoler said...

So glad to hear you are doing so well.