Friday, February 13, 2009

This is one of my best gals Jenn Jenn. I love so much-she makes me laugh like no one can and she supports my fried zucchini habit. She lost her soul mate a year ago. As I was thinking about Jon and the loss she must still feel even a year later, this recent photo came to mind. Why? you ask. Well, first, Jon had a zany sense of humor and this photo would be something he would beg her to pose for. Second, Jenn has umm certain attributes that Jon loved. This photo certainly highlights them. Here's to ya Jon-we miss you every day.
This is a shot of some treats I received today. Lovely roses from my sweetie, a teddy bear and chocolates. I also received a "bee" bear from our campus-too cute! What I love most is the note my honey wrote-partly his Spanish and partly funny. The second thing I am loving is that they boy and I both agree that on a rainy day the best place to be is in a bed cuddled up-and that's just where we are!!
Happy Valentines Day everyone!!
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Jen said...

Why didn't you tell me I was lop-sided??? You are so bad to post that picture...but I guess it's okay. Happy Valentine's Day. Love ya!