Monday, December 29, 2008

A little bit of poop

I have a friend, a wonderful friend-lets call her Jenn Jenn and she, no surprise here, has a wonderful mom-lets call her Chris. Her mom, among many great qualities has a strong sense of right and wrong. We attend the same church and so I identify with her moral compass although I cannot say I am always headed in the right direction (that pun just fell right out!) Anywhoo, Jenn was telling me that her mom said that watching inappropriate movie and television content is like making brownies but adding just a little bit of poop. Will the brownies still smell wonderful? Yes. Will they probably taste great? Yes. Would you eat them. Uh, not me-no how. So the idea is that what you take in should be good for you, not poop.
I am, tonight, confessing to a little bit of poop. We are proud Netflix people and I am glad for the movies that magically appear and disappear from our mailbox. Upon a friends recommendation (lets call her Jenn Jenn), I put Weeds in my list. I was totally hooked. Did you know that you can watch movies and some TV series INSTANTLY ONLINE??? I was frustrated, waiting for the boys to finish up watching their movies so I could get the rest of the seasons when I discovered that you can watch some movies instantly online. So-with every free moment I have been watching these episodes. I saw the last online shows tonight and they are as Jenn and I would say "just a little bit of poop" which is to mean they are freakin awesome but totally something I should not be watching. I will have to think of some penance while I wait for season 3 to come in the mail-ha.
I have been thinking about my word for the year. Last year, my word was determined. I have to say, I was determined in many ways. I was successful in living a healthier year than in the past. Am I a size 4-uh no... but I am also not a 24. I have good weeks and bad. I will stay determined but I want a new word for this year.
I am leaning towards HAPPY. I want to feel happy. Not like a selfish I want to make myself happy but happy like laughing over something unexpected with the boy happy. Laughing as the hubband kisses and tickles my neck happy. Laughing uncontrollably with friends happy. More laughter, more joy. Any thoughts?


Anna Willett said...

sounds like a great word! especially if it spills on to said boy and hubby!!!

Jen said...

Well your friend, let's call her Jen, didn't say Weeds was just a little bit of poop but rather it was poop with a little bit of brownie! And I did finish watching all the episodes through season 4 and am chompin' at the bit for season 5 to begin. I got impatient though and started watching them online.