Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend gratitudes

Saturday the boy had his games (lost football, won baseball) and the in-laws came to see all the action. I was feeling w-a-y tired and a bit overly emotional so I put myself in time out. Once the boy went home with the in-laws the hubband took a well-deserved nap and I just chilled. This brings me to Saturdays' gratitude. My dear June bug mentioned that my favorite author, Stephanie Meyer had posted a bootlegged copy of her future book online. I found it and spent several hours reading. I am grateful for finding new authors who suck me in completely. I had a wonderful date with the hubband Saturday night. We went to eat Mexican and then to Soul Men-Bernie Macs last film. It was fun.
Sunday, the hubband went off to see the Texans loose and I shopped. I had a gift certificate and a desire for new pants so off to the Galleria I went. Sunday, I am grateful for very rare time to shop. if only we had the resources to make it really thrilling!!
Have a good week everyone. I am looking to some friends who will be coming over for some scrap therapy.

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cstoler said...

I had a very busy weekend which means very little scrapping. I am so looking forward to seeing you and spending some quality scrap time.