Friday, November 7, 2008

Three gratitudes all in a row

I am not behind. I have a rather BIG behind but I am not late in my gratitudes. They have been floating in my mind like flotsam and jetsam.
Wednesdays-I am grateful for a partner. Specifically, I so glad to have a partner at home. On Wednesday, the boy had baseball practice and my hubband took him-that is the usual. I had meetings until 6:45 and not only would I have been late to pick up the boy from school, baseball practice would have been out of the question. I know plenty of one adult families and to say it is rough is an understatement!! I appreciate knowing I have someone who has my back and helps me keep our little machine rolling right along.
Thursday-I am grateful for a friend at work. I have been blessed in this job and the previous to have a great friend at work. Work can be so all-consuming sometimes and it is nice to have someone to keep it real-and sane. Thanks Ms. V-couldn't do it without cha'
Friday- I am very very very grateful for Boys Night!!! Just the gift of some free time to do whatever I want with is a gift beyond compare!!

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