Sunday, November 2, 2008


The funny thing about posting a gratitude a day is that it makes you so aware of ALL the many many things we have to be grateful for. I am writing down some from the last two days and I will pick from them for my album.
For Saturday-I was most grateful for TIME. I didn't go to the boy's game and I had pretty much the entire morning and afternoon to myself. I made a list of things I hoped to accomplish this weekend and some seemed enough to take the whole day to just do that one. I was able to completely organize my tiny closet which was WAY overdue. I also put all my shoes, purses and jackets away as well. I guess no girl ever thinks she has too many clothes but I have a tiny closet and I have begun to even farm out some clothes all over the house (just realized how much like my mom that sounds!). I also was able to take a long trip to the local Wal-mart and get major groceries, clean out the fridge and even scrapbooked at the end of the day. The hubband had an earache and was down most of the day.
Sunday, I am grateful for Sleep and Pretty Toes and Nails. Does vanity gratitude count? I have been way way way overdue for a mani pedi and after the hubband let me sleep in, I went to get one. Nothing like fresh Fall colors to go with your rediscovered Fall clothes. I have some shrimp rice cooking (an old recipe from the hubband's family) and the house is clean (thanks to Maritza and my upkeep!). Some may know and some may not-we are going to go to Disney for Thanksgiving. I feel the date breathing down my neck and I am trying to enjoy each day as they come and then enjoy the trip. I tend to stress myself up in the prep and not enjoy the moments. Everyone have a great week!!

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cstoler said...

Sounds like a really great productive weekend. I forgot Disney what fun that will be.