Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Miss Kristi

As you can see, I added a new link to the side. That's my sistah, miss Kristi. In honor of spying on my mom and finding her blog-cough cough-I mean finding her blog, I will say 10 nice things about my sister:
1. She is funny
2. She is a great cook
3. She always has great electronics
4. She makes beautiful babies
5. She has the let-loose silly gene I lack
6. She loves her family
7. She has great parents (and a sister!)
8. She has a fun husband
9. She is a great aunt
10. She is kind, honest and has tremendous integrity

Whew, I am going to have to go lay down. The boy needs to bring me a brownie.

1 comment:

cstoler said...

Sisters are really a very good thing.