Monday, August 4, 2008


What a curve ball life has in store for us at times. This previous week and weekend was an exercise in frustration as we ended our relationship with Comcast and have had both satellite companies in our home-one from 12 in the afternoon until 12 midnight!! And we are still not done. Hopefully by Thursday we can go back to some sense of normalcy and get everything back in it's place and return all of the boxes we have laying about.
Tonight, I find myself at my parents home in the country. As we were leaving work being told that we did not have to come in the following day because of potential hurricanic activity, I had an overwhelming desire to go home to my parents. I kept analyzing these thoughts as I imagined getting the boy early, packing yet another bag, packing work clothes, leaving behind the hubband, wasting gas-ACK! I needed some chocolate! I grabbed my new stash of dark chocolate and saw this:
It says, Go To Your Special Place. I took it as a sign and got the heck out of H Town. Probably Edouard will be a small thundershower. Probably I wouldn't have found myself hacking a hole from my attic to the roof before I drown. Probably there won't be mayhem in the ghetto. I just felt the urge and went for it. It was a good decision. I have had some laughs with my mom and dad, eaten WAY too many brownies and scored some great Mexican food. Here are some shots from tonight.
The pork roast that didn't get eaten. (Did I mention the air conditioner at my parents broke briefly today?!!)

The TOPS charm bracelet my mom has had for years. Only you chunky girls will know what TOPS is. It was a bonding moment-how many years have we spent on diets?? Who thought a charm bracelet of this would be a good idea??
How precious is that?
Everyone hold on for Edouardo!!!

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