Monday, July 28, 2008

Slow down, speed up

Here are some shots from my trip to Park City. I was able to go to the We R Memories warehouse and shop. Great product, sweet people.
A shot of me, outside in Park City. I love the light behind-it was a beautiful day.
This is Temple Square in Salt Lake City. A beautiful, spiritual place.
A picture of me, just outside.

This past weekend was a great one. Jenn Jenn my dear pal came into town for a night of grown up drinks and cropping. Saturday, we met June and her new gentleman friend at El Tiempo. We had a yummy lunch and great conversation. Saturday evening we watched 2 movies on our new TV. Do not watch PS I Love You unless you want to cry all night. That movie plus PMS was a killah. Sunday, I drove over to Mimis and picked up the boy. He had had a great 2 weeks with both sets of grands and we had gotten a lot done. We swung by the Austins and dropped off things left behind. Once home, the boy and I took a YUMMY nap and then we both cleaned our his room and closet. My Dad made new end tables for him and they look awesome. I will snap a shot later today. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the Direct TV people to get here. Have I ever mentioned that I am soooo impatient??
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