Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ever have one of those times..........

Ever had one of those days when you feel like blogging but have virtually NOTHING important to say? Well here it is... Wednesday. To catch up:
I was last in Park City. I had a great time, hit about 3 or 4 great scrapbook stores (including the WeRMemories warehouse!!), ate a lot of yummy and healthy food, walked among very earthy folks and generally had a great time.
I arrived home on Friday evening, around 10pm and my sweet hubband took me to Spanish flowers for some H town Mexican food-he knew I had missed it!!
Monday I was back in the groove at work with a slew of problems I didn't even know I had. By Tuesday, most of the had been ironed out and today I have hit my stride, getting in the groove. I am trying not to mourn the loss of a vacation I never had-it is my own fault. I just don't plan for one cause' I generally love work. Come mid August I will be wishing I had had one. I am determined that my "summer" crew are all going to take 2 weeks at the SAME TIME so no one can work, discover a problem, and bother someone else. I have even decided it will be the 1st 2 weeks in July. So take that summer!!
Anywhoo... focusing on the positive. I have made some changes to my office and they are in progress but I am excited about the possibilities. I made sea bass last night for my sweetie and it was Dee Lish. I have knocked out a tremendous amount of work today so my stress level is half of what it was on Monday. My dear, sweet mother and father are keeping the boy this week and he is loving it!!
Now a confession. I worked out once while gone and none since returning. My padner in sweat is calling me so tomorrow I will repent on the elliptical.
Everyone have a great Thursday and Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

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cstoler said...

Sounds like you have plenty to say. HAHA Trip sounds great and can't wait to hear who, what, where and why.

When away is never good for exercising as we know. LOL But now you are back at it and that is what counts.