Friday, January 11, 2008

This week in pictures

These are hibiscus in our back yard. It had been a yucky day but I looked out from the window and I found some beauty. You can really find happiness everywhere if you look.
I bought this skirt on sale at Talbots and then found the sweater at Target. I forgot to have someone take my photo but I thought this was a cute combo.
My word for the year is DETERMINATION. I am determined to make the changes I need to in my life for myself. I am smart enough and I know I can do it. I gave up soda forever. Yes, you heard it, forever. This week I lost 6 pounds just from that alone. I love the cake icing tube in the photo as a reminder that temptation is always nearby and thus you must be DETERMINED.
One part of my day today was really poo poo caca. I left work and came home for lunch. I was thinking about how I really wanted to talk to my hubband. He was busy at work and I began to think about friends. I saw this charm a friend gave me and instead said a prayer of thanks for just having friends I could call, if I really needed them.
I know-that is four pictures and there are 5 days in a week. I have to work on the other one-red eye you know!
Have a good one!!

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cstoler said...

Love your word. You can do whatever you set your mind to.