Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to reality

Back to work this morning and here are my pics from the weekend.
1-4-08 Friday This is my 10 year anniversary band. You know how sometimes you think you might have lost something very important and you stew about it and inconspicuously look for it when you can??? Well I found it-and no, not where this photo was taken!
1-5-08 Saturday Remember the lemons we squeezed? They make wonderful lemon cake. I love trying out new recipes.
1-6-08 Sunday I have the scrap room in decent shape and was able to crop with Natalie until Friday-Saturday till 3 am!! I spent a lot of time in there on Sunday finishing up on a project. Will post photos of project soon.

1 comment:

cstoler said...

I am guessing you found the ring when you were not looking for it. LOL That would be when I find the lost items.

Pictures look great. Scrapping all weekend...It is a beautiful thing.