Sunday, December 16, 2007

Trip, mid trip

I have anew fear of forgetting things because life really is so delicious. Friday, we spent most of the day traveling. The flight from New Hampshire to Massachussets was delayed so instead of arriving around 1pm we slid in around 7. Laurie had a homemade (and yes I mean the sauce etc..) lasagna waiting for us. PJ was so cute. He has not seen snow since he was an infant and we could barely get him to walk to the car as he was so fascinated with the snow banks. He threw on some borrowed snow boots after we ate and enjoyed the homemade ice skating rink Bill creates each winter (photos to follow). I was so glad to find a delicious, warm bed at the end of that day. I slept like a rock. Saturday, Laurie and I went to the Mall while the families went tubing. They had major fun and I promise to include photos soon. We all gathered back around three and our friends, the Balls came over for dinner-which was a feast. Mesquite shrimp, crab cakes, steak, fabulous salad with goat cheese with roasted pears, and martinis. We were all in heaven. The kids ice skated and the adults visited. The Balls have two precious twin girls as well as their older sister. It was nice to be with such fun and well-mannered children. We opened gifts that evening and then off to dream land again. Today, I slept in and awoke tho 8 new inches of snow. The hubbands got to clear the drive with snow blowers and shovels while we put a turkey on to cook. The patriots are on and we will hunker down and pray the power stays on for the rest of our visit-they are expecting freezing rain tonight.

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cstoler said...

Sounds fabby but are you home??????? You sort of left me hanging in mid story. LOL