Thursday, December 13, 2007

Frozen Bean

Tomorrow we are headed off to Bean town!! Boston that is:
They are expecting 10 additional inches tonight!! Yikes. I was freaking about the drive from Manchester to our destination but then the hubband reminded me of the LANDING. Oh great, another thing to worry about. Right now I am focusing on completing a book fair and then onto major packing tonight. We are taking the trip to see friends and also to let the boy experience snow now that he might actually remember it. I am excited and already chilled to the bone!
Be back on Monday evening. This week has been a big bundle of activity and stress. I am looking forward to finishing the coming week and then really enjoying Christmas.

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Kim said...

Have a fantastic time, and don't worry about the landing. They are pros, and will take good care of their precious cargo! Take your long johns, darlin!!!