Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time just keeps ticking

At this very moment I am suffering from severe cramps. Which is why I am not at Target or TJ Max or the store with my sister. Which is why my mom is with her who was watching the three kids who are playing outside (I don't know what they are doing-don't wanna). Which is why I have been sitting here, reading scrapping blogs ala the the scrapscene list. Which is why I am thinking about how times have changed. Just a few six years ago, the boy came into our lives. Since then I have been on almost constant "mom patrol" to guard against hurting himself or others, wiping tears or snot, and taking photos when motivated. Times, they are a changing. I think I have been in here for over two hours alone and no one has entered or exited the house. I can hear them so they are alive. I am grateful for a sane family. I am grateful for the country home my parents currently have where kids can roam.
I am also thinking about one of my friends' challenge that we come up with our new years commitments. I am going to lay some down now but will submit and official list later-tater!!
  1. I am committed to making myself a priority. This will mean that my physical, mental and emotional health are as important as the others in my house.
  2. I am committed to editing the stuff in our home and to buy thoughtfully when bringing things back in.
  3. I am committed to spending quality time with the boys.
  4. I am committed to creating a spiritual life which includes church, study and daily prayer.

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mjr1066 said...

Great job Mechiel. Wonderful, thoughtful goals. You can Carol have set a high bar. Hope I can measure up! Miss you guys.