Saturday, December 29, 2007

A late Christmas suprise

The Santa at our house confessed late last night that he has been scheming to leave something special in the drive way for me. Today-we went together to make the final decisions and on Monday, I will pick up a new ride. Here is a shot of one:

Mine will be black with a black interior. It will also soon have a boat hooked up to it....the hubband is no fool.

Fun cropping tonight at Archivers. Leann, Carol and Natalie were there. I was disappointed in the level of support staff and cleanliness of kitchen and lack of bathroom but I would crop anywhere with friends!!!

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Junie June said...

WOWZA! Very nice Hubband! I feel like we should have some sort of Ode to Lexi. I hope you kept a picture of her for me???