Monday, September 24, 2007


We are all so blessed. I was really dreading this weekend. I don't like when every moment is spoken for and you have to rush rush and then just slam into Monday morning feeling more tired than you did on Friday. That was what I thought last weekend was going to be like.

Saturday, the boy had his first football practice and game. He did so well!! It was incredible. The maturity dial seems to have gone up a few notches and it was good to hear compliments from the coach. Sunday, we tailgated. It was just us and we had a blast. The hubban purchased a new music contraption and we made ribs. We met our friends inside and watched an incredible game. As we were leaving my friend Nat said, "look out for that hole" I looked over my left shoulder as I stepped down and then next thing I know, I am on the cement. Her husband feel as well. It was a strange step off and we made quite a stir. I felt faint from the incredible pain in my ankle and so I sat there till a golf cart policeman took me to the car. I went to hospital last night for x-rays and it looks like I have a bad sprain. I am going to see and orthopedic doc in a few minutes. I just feel so blessed. Blessed know what could have happened, for having a job that lets me have insurance, for a husband and boy who treat me like a princess, for friends who are so loving and kind.

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cstoler said...

I hope all is well. Sprains are long to get over so take it easy.