Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I know a bad word...

It doesn't take long before you realize that your child or children have a whole world that you have no knowledge of. As a person who was once a teen, I remember being very happy to have LOTS my parents didn't know about. As a mom, this is very scary. I want to have an open relationship with the boy. There is no way he is going to tell me everything but I want him to feel that I am available and ready to hear anything he wants to share. One day when he was much smaller, he informed me that he knew lots of "bad" words. When I promised to get upset he agreed to tell me what they were. (Also only after being clear that he was reporting said bad words and not actually saying them!) The words were things like poopy head and stupid.
As time has passed about once a month the boy will ask if he can report his growing list of "bad" words. I always agree since this gives me an insight into what is being shared around the camp yard. The worst thing I have heard so far was "crap".
Yesterday, the hubband and I were laying in our bed, discussing the day before beginning on dinner, chores, etc.. and the boy comes in and tells me has heard a new bad word. Confident that this will be something mild, I say, "tell me". He busts out with a##hole as clearly and as anything. The hubband did not laugh (thank goodness) and we now know we have entered into the world of serious language. Ahh the glorious days of summer camp!!!

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cstoler said...

And the fun begins. I always wondered when the kids get together how do they know it is bad words. One of those out there thoughts. LOL Enjoy cause no telling what tomorrow brings. Please tell the hubband I was very impressed he did not laugh.