Monday, June 18, 2007

Top ten

OK.. I have taken the challenge mentioned by Teresa McFayden on her lovely blog and here is my current Top 10:

Number 10: Daily reading of creative bloggers. I live vicariously through these people who manage to make creating a priority and have inspiration to boot!

Number 9: Big Love. A guilty pleasure. For me, something I shouldn't spend time watching but somehow find myself glued to the TV each week.

Number 8: Ok-before I say it, I know it is weird but.. ground white chicken. I am trying to eat healthier and I am loving the versatility of this meat. Strange, I know.

Number 7: Cool trainers who are just as cool in person.

Number 6: Bed Head gel. Hairstyles come and go but this gel just does my head so right.

Number 5: Good shows either just now popping out on TV or undiscovered ones. We are in re-run season now so I am having fun catching random shows.

Number 4: Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I was never a fan of the Diet scene but ever the pepper, you have turned my head around!

Number 3: Baked Cheetos. Twelve crunchy morsels that keep me sane.

Number 2: Summer camp. I was able to find a great one for the boy and I am ever so grateful for football coaches and swimming. Love It!!

Number 1: Lexie-The boy may have half my heart and the hubband the other half but you... you have my head. Without you I would be in a constant state of late and lost. I love my car.

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