Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bug Love

Here's to good friends!! I raise my bottle of water to you. A friend called this evening and we just vented to each other about many things-among them feeling overwhelmed. It wasn't one of those, "Oh yeah, well let me tell you about my life!!" conversations. It was truely a listening and sharing and finding those commonalities. We have such a unique circle of friends and I appreciate each one of you. We have all been there for each other in different degrees and I love the gifts that each of us bring to the table. So here is to good friends and the maturity to appreciate them!!!


June said...

Snap Snap! Cheers to you!!

leann said...

Water, water everywhere. Friends are our faucets and they constantly refill those half full glasses with there love and support. Miss you guys already, can't wait to get home to see my mom. Have a great week. Leann