Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Whoooo Creak and Bam!!

Ok I won't mention I told a certain hubband that we needed to secure a certain metal pergola that is outside by the pool. Well........... the weather has decided that WINDY was looking good for tonight (the first night the hubband has been away on business in forever!). As I was watching Work Out on Bravo I kept sneaking peeks out to the slightly swaying pergola. The next thing I know.. wooo, creak and BAM it all came down. I called the hubband (like HE can do anything from across the state!) and then called a wonderful, saint-like-now neighbor who came over immediately and helped me move the metal sticks to the side of the house.
Just adventures of a crafty girl up late. Nitey nite
June-is the wind taking you away as well????

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