Monday, April 16, 2007

Remember the.. Bo Bunny??

Hi all! This weekend was a dilly! I left Wednesday for a conference. I attended the conference and was able to hear a well-known author speak. It is so amazing to hear inspiring people and discover additional things your might not know. I found out that not only is this author deep, intelligent and interesting, I also found out she has a wicked sense of humor and a devilish side. I also attended several classes, one of which was what to do with books that no one wanted. Altered books?! Right up my ally.
I met my pal here-a recent SA transplant at Mi Tierra and we chiped and dipped our selves into the evening.
I attended one class and one crop and shopped all that SA had to offer in the ways of scrapbooking and stamping. I had a wonderful time and best of all, got to know my friend better. I know her ears are sore as I talked them off.
Here is a book I made about places I want to visit. My plan is to put the photo of the place in and then when I go, put another picture of me there in as well.

Here is a Bo bunny class book from the class we took. It was fun and I am so glad I went. I am hoping to return in June to see Tim Holtz!! Anyone want to go?? Anyone?

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leann said...

Yes I want to go. Obtw, you're photos don't show so I'm not able to see your great work. Did you get to Stampantonio or Scrapbook 911? They have cool t-shirts that says I run with scissors.