Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Looking for photos forever

I FINALLY found a local scrap store that had relocated. I had a few minutes and new the general spot so I headed over there. Locals: Behind Beldons in new strip center-no sign-next to a coffee shop and fed ex shop. It was very small and cramped but I was offered 50% so it was all good. Here is a shot of my loot:

I got :
  • a beautiful buckle brad from Dove of the East that is a gem-blinged out. (originally 5.25)
  • Two sets of M&MBI rub-ons (orig. 4.00 each)
  • M&MBI crown glittery rub-ons (orig, 2.75)
  • 7 gypsies French enamel label -ooh la la (orig, 3.00)
  • Several sheets of paper-you can see them in the photo

Love, LOVE scrap bargains!!!!!

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