Thursday, February 22, 2007

The good, the even better and the funny

The good-I was able to go to Scrap Therapy sans The Boy thanks to my lover-man hubband. Nothing says loving like time on my hands to scrap!!!

The even better-I was challenged to use paper I have been hoarding and it turned out beautimus. I even stuck it under the nose of the hubband this am and he said "It's beautiful"-he knows just the right things to say.

The funny-The boy and the hubband went to church last night for Ash Wednesday. My boy has only one voice volume and it is loud. He began the service by announcing that "this is boring dad". Then he noticed the crucifix. That lead to, " Dad! Is that for real?! Did that really happen?! Dad!" At some point the congregation was shaking hands and saying "Peace be with you" to each other. The Boy says "Dad! We should say May the FORCE be with you!" The hubband thinks the Boy needs more practice at attending church!


June said...

That is awesome...Boy and Hubband trip to Ash Wednesday services. They say practice makes perfect. I hope I'll get to see you tomorrow. Junie B

cstoler said...

Way too funny! I guess the Hubband will need to be taking The Boy on more Sundays for practice.