Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tooth Fairy Bounty

The Boy has been loosing teeth like crazy. The first one was pulled by Mimi and a string. I was glad I wasn't there-the cause of pain. Today we had to go to the ENT to have a final look-see in the ears for those new tubes. While we waited, the Boy was wigglin, wigglin, wigglin baby tooth #2. He got up the nerve to ask me to remove the tooth. I said a silent prayer that he wouldn't scream and bleed in the waiting room. I placed my hand gently over the tooth and voila'-the tooth slipped out as easily as an egg from the carton. He was so happy. I saw recent X-rays and there is a whole crew of adult teeth descending like the troops at Normandy. The tooth fairy needs to get ready with some 1's.
Conversation tonight just before bed:
The B-Mom, can you just ask for a day off and play all of the games and become a master and then when I get home you could teach me all of the games and all of the tricks? Do you think you could do that?
Precious-love being a mom of a boy.

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