Monday, January 15, 2007

B-r-r-r H-h-h-appy

Hi all-
MAN is it cold here! I know that is small potatoes compared to say Idaho but, B-r-r-r, this is Texas!! I said for 2007 I wanted to focus on the small things that make me happy. I could show a photo of the Man and the Boy each day so, from hence forth-just know they make me happy in a million little ways.
For today-here are two seemingly insignificant but-happy makers just the same. First my mantle. I am so inspired by the folks listed to the left that I am attempting some innovations. Here's my beginning of an homage to V-Day. Next, A coin purse. I have been needing one for a while and I have been thinking about where I was going to find one. Today, while waiting for the Boy who was with Mimi and Paw paw, I caught glimpse of this cutie in Cracker Barrel. The photo doesn't do her justice but she makes me feel all springy and with this arctic blast-I need it!

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