Friday, December 22, 2006

The Magic in the moments

I am determined to be a better blogger! I have like 2 other blogs that didn't get past the creation. There is so much that happens daily that is magical in it's simplicity-the idea of a moment that may not pass again. I guess having a not quite little one reminds you of that daily.
Here are gems from today:

  • Head to the last day of baseball camp.

  • Head back home to gather the Mi-mi who is visiting from the country

  • Shop, shop, shop

  • Pick up the boy and head to hell

  • Arrive just off I-10 (Hell) and grab a burger

  • Deposit Mi-mi back into the arms of the Paw-paw

  • Go home and enforce the nap

  • Watch You Me and Dupree

  • Play online games with the boy

  • Go out on a date with both of my boys to Grand Luxe

  • After threatening all manner to punishment, end up laughing hysterically as the boy charms me with anecdotes and lies

  • Walk to grab Lexie when a random chocolatier offers to let us enter their store as they are locking up for free chocolate!! SEE magic everywhere!!

  • Go home, reflect on day with boys get both to bed

  • Check fav. blogs

Tomorrow we are headed to the big Mall to rendezvous with Santa. Photos to come.

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