Sunday, August 21, 2016

We are with you

When I was a teacher, I had trouble going to sleep on the first night before school. I was usually exhausted from preparing my room so I would eventually drift off and rise ready for the new year. When I became a principal, I never slept on Sunday nights. I would stay up late and have a hard time going to sleep. I would do certain things on that first Sunday before school started to keep me busy. I would always make big batches of cookies, I would drive my son crazy prepping his backpack, supplies and lunches and I would cut my sons and husbands hair. In total, I have been a classroom teacher for 10 years and a principal for 10 years. This year I was really feeling for the teachers and the principals. I love my job but I couldn't see to kick the routine even though it made no sense. I went to the office and found some bulletin boards, I cut the boys hair and I even made treats this week. It was like a spiritual communion with all teachers and teacher leaders. We appreciate you, we support you and we are cheering for you!

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