Saturday, December 4, 2010

Warning Religious Post!!

Well, this has been a challenging and blessed week. Monday I went to the doctor and had it confirmed that I had broken my arm. He took off the temporary cast and told me that to cast it would impair my range of motion. He prescribed lots of physical therapy so I put my big girlie pants on and got on with the week. They good news is that without a cast I was able to do my own hair-blessing-because the hubband has no hair dressing experience and looking decent each day is important to me.
It would be nice if there existed a job where one could take a week off and recover and rest but I don't think those jobs exist anymore and if they do, the person in that job is keeping it quiet. Truly I work with amazing supporting people and so going back was fine but I left the holiday less rested than I had hoped.
The reason for the hands? While doing my stunt "getting out of golf cart" trick, I managed to scrape both palms of my hands pretty badly. Imagine one broken arm, the other hand tore up in the middle. As I have gone through the healing process I have often thought of Christs hands, the way he was crucified after carrying his cross, being spat on and hated so vehemently. While my experience definitely pales in comparison, the almost constant pain as I tried to pick up, hold or manage things with either hand was a continuous reminder of the pain Jesus suffered for each of us. How appropriate as we begin this season-the celebration of Christ's birth.
I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father, that he was willing to send his son, Jesus Christ to suffer and die for us. I know his atonement is for all of us. I know that God listens and answers prayers. I know I am blessed beyond measure. I am thankful for my family, friends and faith. Happy Holidays everyone!

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