Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hello, how are you? I was going to post some current photos but then realized I haven't loaded them onto Picasso. So... a spring photo instead. I noticed it has been a month since I posted. What's been going on? Travel, work, travel, work, big decisions, work, and work. I love my life-my boys, my job and our growing circle of friends. Lots of *new* on the horizon and I will share that soon.
Sunday is such a fine day to think about your gratitude-right?!
I am grateful for my parents-they are so awesome and have such a good time with the boy!
I am grateful for work-I love what I do and so does the hubband. So nice to have a career you love.
I am grateful for my health-grateful this little body Heavenly Father gave me is still strong after years of Dr. Pepper and ice cream!
I am grateful for my hubband-so handsome, supportive and my best friend.
I am grateful for baseball and the friends we have all gained as the boy has experienced organized sports these last few years.
I am grateful for friends-so many I think about multiple times a day and the smile you bring to my face. Some I talk to daily (thank goodness for cell phones!) and some I only keep up with through blogs a cards but I am grateful for each.
I am grateful for all our many blessings. Thank you God for the good, the hard and lessons in between.
Everyone have a great week-and throw a little prayer in for me if you have the time. I will be thinking of you.
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