Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break

Usually the boy spends Spring Break with his grandparents. As he grows older, I am more and more aware that the time is very short before he no longer wants to "hang" with his momma. I spent the entire week on vacation with him-just hanging out.
Before I begin talking about the weekend, here is the famous Coit jacket-I took this for Robyn and Sheri.
First, we went on a date to see Alice. The boy insisted on buying the tickets and I got the popcorn and Icees.
The boy has a new love-pei wei lettuce wraps. You heard it right-lettuce wraps. I have the recipe so he and I cooked together.
The Greenes and us two had a wonderful picnic at Discovery Green. I was soaking in the sun like an Eskimo who just got to Hawaii.
The boy, being cool is a full time job. No, his chin is not dirty-it is a baseball related bruise.
We headed over to Sugarbabbies to enjoy a cupcake. This is a long shot with all of the kiddos in the photo. The boy had a strawberry/chocolate cupcake.
Me? Well some might say I had a German chocolate one. Some might say I had a vanilla chocolate one. Some might say I had both. Only me and my scale know the truth!
Spring break is not quite over-I will be mourning on Sunday. The boys are going to rodeo this afternoon and I am going to try and wrap up last minute projects. It was a great week and makes me look forward to summer.
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cstoler said...

What a great week. You are so right in making the most of your time with the boy. It will pass all to quick and there is nothing like making and giving him these memories forever. Not bad for you either right??? You guys are looking great and I would love it if you would post the recipe for the lettuce wraps. Thanks.