Monday, March 1, 2010

And March Marches in...

Where did the time go??
I am going to think of February as just a bad dream-the cold, the rain, BLECH.
I am sure March will be much, much bettah. I was looking through last year's photos to finish some calendars and we had photos from tubing on the lake in March so I am SURE warmth is on its way. Collective hope here people... we can do it!
This weekend was a great one!
Friday I finally bit the bullet and bought some clothes. The husband was sick of me complaining and told me to get some and I did. An evening at the mall produced three pair of great pants that now need to be hemmed.
Saturday my parents and in-laws came to the boys last basketball game. The boy received an award for good sportsmanship and he was thrilled. Way to go!! We had an hour before baseball practice so my mom and I hit Talbot's outlet-surprisingly we found nothing. However a skip across the parking lot to Chicos (I have never shopped there) left me with great joy. I bought like 6 button down work shirts all in pretty vibrant spring colors. Woo hoo-score! They were on sale and then 30% off. It was a celebratory moment inside of me because as a fat girl I would only look at jewelry in there. I really liked the shirts and felt so happy to now be able to shop there. That was always my weight loss goal-to be able to buy clothes in any store.
We headed to practice and watched the boy show what he could do with a bat. Italian lunch and then grocery shopping. That evening my friend Nat came over to crop. We always have a great time. I finished my calendars-need to mail them! We stayed up till 4 and I was able to sleep till about 8. I had a decorating buzz on Sunday and Easter-ed up my kitchen area. It looks so fun. I made pei wei inspired lettuce wraps 9lunch) and Mexican beef stew (dinner) on Sunday. I am looking forward to a scrap retreat this weekend and I was thrilled to register for the mini-sessions for Inspired late last night. I got a feelin.........

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