Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good friends

Such a great weekend. Had the opportunity to play a pre-teen and check out New Moon on Friday with my bestie Jenn. I was excited to see the story continued on the screen-I so loved the books-pure escapist reading. I was not prepared for the pre-teen squeals of delight every time there was a kiss or someone took their shirt off. However-when this hit the screen... I found myself wanting to squeal myself. I suddenly was a 14 year old. Embarrassing since I could so be his MOTHER but dang... he was a QT. Surprising.. but oh so cute. The movie was great and I adore being with Jenn-she makes me laugh like no one else and I almost had her wetting her pants so it must be mutual. Today, I was quite productive with grocery shopping and dragging out Christmas decor and leaving it half done. I made delicious lunch and dinner so I feel no guilt about the half done holiday decor. It will get done in its time! Tomorrow, to church and then Archivers with some great friends. Mmm good weekends are the best! And knowing you only have 2 days of work-even better. I am looking forward to spending time with family this Thanksgiving. My sis and I are going to do the Turkey trot and I am so thrilled about that. She has been doing so great at getting healthy-can't wait to see her skinny butt!

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