Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Happy

Funny that title-not the two words I would use to describe me over the last few days. Work, cramps, weekend commitments.... moving on to the positive.
This coming week I will be turning 42. I had to calculate because I already thought I was 42. Sign of old age?? The boys already took me out to celebrate. I had a date with them both.
We went to see Grease at the Hobby center and also had a lovely dinner at Artista. Yum-O

I have had the hardest time finding a navy purse to go with my work clothes that are navy. I have looked high and low. I had found a Michael Khors that was great but I really didn't want to give 400 for it. This summer I was in LA on a work trip and stumbled into a store called Harveys. I loved their purses and most especially the blue ones. Flash forward to a few weeks ago when conversations turned to our birthdays and I mentioned that I really wanted a navy purse and the only one I had found was this kooky place in LA. The hubband says, "you should get online and order it." He only had to say it once and my fingers the website. I ADORE my purse and get asked about it everywhere I go. Mom, these shots are for you. I know where the love of purses comes from!


Wilma said...

Chele, I love your purse. You are a very deserving person, and lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

cstoler said...

cute:) Hope you had a very happy birthday.